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Cloudouble Services

Our services are designed for access from and to work with the cloud; anywhere, anytime, when needed.


Fully managed implementation of cloud products to meet your needs


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Shopify is a modern eCommerce web shopefront with a rich and capable feature set. We recommend Shopify for eCommerce to most small to mid sized businesses due to its ease of setup, use, administration and integration. The overall total cost of ownership for Shopify is much lower than most other eCommrece systems dues to its design, ease of use and smart features, which allows businesses to focus on their products, services and customers and increased growth. 

See our Business Success Solutions to see how we typically implement Shopify with other cloud based systems to provide sophisticated integration business solutions that allow businesses to grow. 

Avoid The Expensive Mistake Of An Incorrectly Configured E-Commerce System

We will set up Shopify correctly and completely from the start. Including: 

  • Validating and importing products, customers, page content and images
  • Reviewing, recommending and configuring the best add-ons for your needs
  • Setting up payment gateways, freight calculations and point-of-sale
  • We will work closely with your chosen web designer, content writer and SEO expert to ensure your visual design, content and SEO requirements are met 
  • We training you and your staff to use Shopify, including documenting any processes that are unique to your businesses' usage 

Price guide: starts at $3,500. Once you include add-on configuration and a large product catalogue most clients will normally pay around $9,000. We will give you a firm fixed price quote before we start, based on your unique requirements.  Remember - your web designer, content writer and SEO expert will charge you separately for their services, so we suggest budgeting at least $10-20,000 for a quality Shopify set up.