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Workbooks is a highly customisable and capable CRM system built for the Cloud to be accessed anytime, from anywhere. With Workbooks we can create tailored made forms and processes to manage the customer life cycle, product life cycle and services life cycle at an affordable price. Workbooks excels at custom reporting and integration due to its clever design and capabilities allowing for a feature rich solution. 

To see the full benefit of this CRM see how we integrate Workbooks into our Business Success Solutions

Get Your CRM Going

We can set up any combination of the following parts of Workbooks: 

  • Configure Workbooks global settings and permissions
  • Define and create custom record types, form layouts and more
  • Set up integrations, processes, automation and reports
  • Validate and import all relevant record types
  • We train you and/or your staff to use it, including documenting any processes that are unique to your businesses' usage 

Price guide: starts at $9,900. Once you include data import, and complex automation it will often be around $19,900. We will give you a firm fixed price quote before we start, based on your unique requirements.