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Business Intelligence as a Service


Cloudouble is currently in the process of building a Business Intelligence as a Service offering. This service will enable Cloudouble to deliver data warehouse, transformation, analytics and visualisations to customers to support their decision making and provide 360 degree visability accross all areas of operation supported by cloud software.

By providing this service Cloudouble will have the capbility to make Business Intelligence and data warehouse services affordable and availalble to our cloud customers, consolidating all cloud systems information and providing a single reporting mechanism that can grow with your business.

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data warehouse master small.pngData Warehouse

Cloudoubel Service small.pngBusiness Intelligence

Cloudouble utilises industry leading technology for collecting, cleansing and transforming cloud systems data and then storing it in our AWS hosted data warehouse. 

Cloudouble uses start of the art big data services from Amazon AWS. All data is fully hosted in Australia with built in fault tolerance and disaster recovery.

Our data warehouse is designed to provide a fundation for our Business Intelligence reporting and to provide our Cloud customers with additional backup accross all their Cloud Systems in a single location for piece of mind. 

Cloudouble utilises the industry leading data visualisation platform Tableau to produce deep insights into your business activities accross all systems and relationships, helping you to make decisions, respond to trends and capitilise on opportunities. 

As a tool Tableau excels at data visualization, trend analysis, goal analysis, geomapping and predictions. Tableau has been ranked as the leading Business Intelligence data visualisation platform for six years running. 

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